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My son and I watched the first episode of Stephen Hawking’s “Curiosity.” It was about the origins of the universe and in the show Stephen Hawking blatantly states that the universe was created without the need for a God or gods. I was interested to see how my son would respond since he is a self proclaimed Christian. So, at the end of the show I asked Seth what he had learned.

“I learned that there is no God,” he said. “But I still believe in Him anyway.”

I thought it was so cute, it melted my heart a little bit. I told him he can believe in God all he wants.

You know, the other day I had a whole post thought out. It was interesting, clever, funny… and then I got pissed at Keith and posted about that instead. And now I can’t even remember what it is I was going to post about in the first place. I said I was going to write about what had been going on in my life, but that has mainly consisted of eating popsicles and reading so I’m not sure what else I can say about that really.

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