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Quick update

You know - I still visit LJ every single day.  I only have about 3 friends who post with any regularity, and I love reading what they have to say!  Facebook has pretty much stolen the fun out of journaling for me - when I can post short blurbs about what's happening throughout the day, it makes it more difficult to want to sit down and rehash it all in one long post.

A ton of crap has happened with me in the past few months - mainly having to do with losing my job - but damned if I don't feel like sitting here typing it all out.  I'm just now getting to a place where I don't mope about it any more and to tear open that wound would be counterproductive.  Suffice it to say that I lost my job through some very, very unfair treatment.  I did nothing wrong but got on the bad side of someone who had the power to see me terminated.  I am filling a discrimination suit with the EEOC.  In the meantime, I am looking for a job - but part of me wants to take the summer off.  

I've been pretty active in the freedom from religion circles - the separation of church and state has been a big issue for me lately, especially when it comes to women's rights and basic HUMAN rights like marriage (gay or otherwise.)  You don't have to be against religion to support freedom, but it's hard not to be when you see how downright cruel some can be.
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Lesson #1 teacher response

My ASL teacher responded to my video yesterday with a video of her own! I’m not gonna lie, it took me about 7 tries before I realized what she was saying in the second half… Part of it I think is that her “P” looked suspiciously like a “Q,” but she’s the expert, not me! Anyway… here is her response – see if you can figure out what she says!

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ASL class and my homework.

As I mentioned in my facebook a few days ago, I have decided to take an Intro to ASL (American Sign Language) class on My class started this week – it includes a few online instructional videos, some practice, and some assignments. I’ve decided to post my assignments online because – well – it took me awhile to make the video and if I don’t post it for you then the teacher is the only one who will see it. I got to crack open my movie making software and I learned tonight that my webcam sucks the big one – at least in lamp light it does. I will try again in the daylight and if it still sucks I guess I can figure out how to use my phone instead. I hesitate to buy a nice webcam for this purpose since I am only making 12 videos.

So, lesson #1 was letters and numbers. We learned how to finger-spell the alphabet and we learned numbers from 1 to 1,000,000,000. For those of you who have learned how to finger-spell ASL, see if you can pick out what I am saying here. The first one to get it right gets internet cookies from me!

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My son and I watched the first episode of Stephen Hawking’s “Curiosity.” It was about the origins of the universe and in the show Stephen Hawking blatantly states that the universe was created without the need for a God or gods. I was interested to see how my son would respond since he is a self proclaimed Christian. So, at the end of the show I asked Seth what he had learned.

“I learned that there is no God,” he said. “But I still believe in Him anyway.”

I thought it was so cute, it melted my heart a little bit. I told him he can believe in God all he wants.

You know, the other day I had a whole post thought out. It was interesting, clever, funny… and then I got pissed at Keith and posted about that instead. And now I can’t even remember what it is I was going to post about in the first place. I said I was going to write about what had been going on in my life, but that has mainly consisted of eating popsicles and reading so I’m not sure what else I can say about that really.

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Mraz F-You MMkay?

Follow up to last week’s drama

So – after deciding to send me random, nasty text messages for a few days, Keith has decided that it’s OK to be friends again. He messaged me on Facebook the other day asking me to call him. He also attempted to add me back to Facebook as a friend. Well, for some reason I haven’t been getting my message notifications through Facebook, so I didn’t even see his message until a good 7 hours after he sent it. It wouldn’t have mattered if I did see it in time – I still wouldn’t have answered him. You know – you don’t blow up on me, tell me I’m a bad friend, delete me from Facebook for no damn reason and then turn around a week later and decide everything is fine. I’m sorry, but I missed the part where he actually fucking apologized to me. Perhaps a message saying “Sorry for the blowout, can you please call me so we can talk?” or “I don’t want to lose you as a friend, let’s work it out.” would have me re-thinking my decision to cut him out of my life. But a Facebook message saying “Call me”? I don’t think so. I’m not exactly sure what he expects from me, but sure as hell know what I expect from him if we are ever going to speak again. And I still don’t get this “you have to call me or it doesn’t count” bullshit. Does he have a damn phone, or not? Dumb, childish drama. Not needed and not welcome. In fact, this is how I feel about the whole damn mess:

You know, I had a whole post in mind about what’s going on in my life and whatnot, but I just got sidetracked by this silly garbage. I don’t want to post about two completely different subjects in one entry, so I will save the other stuff for a different day.

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Mraz F-You MMkay?

Bridesmaidzilla – A.K.A. “The grown woman that behaves like a 14 year old”

I will be the first to admit that this post is decidedly ONE SIDED and most likely favorably inclined toward my own veiwpoint, but this IS my journal. I only have my own experience and a few stories told to me by the other offended party, but in bridesmaidzilla’s defense, I will try to stick to her OWN words rather than paraphrasing her if at all possible. I am recording this experience purely for the sake of posterity, although I am keeping it public. Anyone can certainly comment if they wish, but it is not my expectation. That said…

Backstabbing, Butthurt, and Bridesmaids – oh my!
I had a rather frustrating experience recently when my best friend (Bride J) got married. This is my account of that experience in which I had to deal with her other best friend, Bridesmaidzilla C (henceforth to be known as BZC). Not only did I have to “deal” with this other friend, I had to listen to Bride J stress about all of the stuff BZC put her through without being able to speak my mind for MONTHS – don’t wanna rock the boat, you know. So, here is a list-style blow by blow of what happened. The timeline is not exact – but it’s close enough…

  • Bride J and BZC are good friends. 20+ years.
  • Bride J asks me to be her Matron of Honor instead of BZC. BZC is a bridesmaid. Butthurt ensues.
  • BZC asks to be in charge of the bridal shower and I concede. I try to help out and get accused of trying to run HER show. I back off and get accused of not lifting a finger to help. A girl can’t win that battle. In fact – BZC asks me to go shopping with her on 3/26 to buy the stuff for the shower, then informs me on 3/24 that she already went. WTF? It was then I decided she really didn’t want my help, she just wanted to complain about me, therefore I would let her complain all she wanted.
  • Bride J is pretty specific about what food she wants for HER bridal shower. BZC has a problem with this, but doesn’t say so until much later.
  • BZC proceeds to talk shit about me for some reason. (Not sure what her beef is.)
  • Bride J wants to do a scavenger hunt for her bachelorette party. I post to Facebook asking for ideas and get nothing. Finally, another Bridesmaid and I get together and come up with ideas. BZC has nothing to contribute. We soon find out why.
  • BZC calls Bride J at work and chews her a new one because of the scavenger hunt idea. BZC has her leg in a cast and isn’t supposed to be walking on it. Bride J asks if her motorized scooter would be an option. BZC loses her shit and accuses Bride J of being insensitive. BZC cries and screams and then posts some cryptic passive-aggressive nonsense on facebook about it. Bride J is left upset and confused.
  • BZC’s SISTER (WTF?) gets involved – writes Bride J a threatening email in which she threatens to chop off Bride J’s motherfucking LEG. BZC shrugs it off. I tell Bride J to call the police since she was directly threatened. Bride J doesn’t want to upset BZC, so even though she is afraid of this PSYCHO that is threatening her, she doesn’t tell the authorities.
  • The bridal shower that BZC throws goes off without a hitch. Girl can plan a party, even if she has to create tons of drama around it. I’m glad it’s over.
  • BZC gets (legitimately) ill and drops out of the wedding, but promises to help with other things such as making cupcakes and decorating.
  • BZC continues to talk shit about me. I still don’t know what her beef is.
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Facebook and Twitter Connect Information

Guys, this is a repost.  None of the following was written by me, but I felt the need to post it since so many of my friends were freaking out about the crossposting function on LJ:

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My dearest LiveJournal friends list, I know you guys are upset and worried right now but..


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Writer's Block: Talk the Talk?

With so many features available on mobile phones, talking is not always everyone’s first priority. What do you use your phone for the most? What features couldn’t you live without?

Email, email, email!  I use it to text, talk and look stuff up online, too.  I also use my phone as my primary music player.  I use it when I exercise, and I even have an adapter in my car that plugs into my phone for the music player.
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Writer's Block: News development

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

Mine was the Challenger disaster in 1986.  I was in my 5th grade English class.  There was an announcement over the intercom.  My teacher cried.  I still get teary watching the videos of it.