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You and your thesis amuse me.

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 I am a devoted wife and mother of two.

 I am a thirty one year old teenager.

 I obsess over a pop star.

 I am a huge geek.

 I love web design.

 I love reading.

 I love music.

 I love art.

 I love you.

I have a post devoted to layout help. If I don't know you and that's why you found me, please comment only on my layout post and not on my personal stuff, ok?

My journal is about half friends only and half public. Feel free to friend me if you want to, but be warned: I will not friend you back unless you actually tell me you've added me.

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I quit smoking. You can, too. Don't let fear stand in your way, don't let yourself remain brainwashed to the idea that it's too hard to quit.