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ASL class and my homework.
Mraz and Me

As I mentioned in my facebook a few days ago, I have decided to take an Intro to ASL (American Sign Language) class on My class started this week – it includes a few online instructional videos, some practice, and some assignments. I’ve decided to post my assignments online because – well – it took me awhile to make the video and if I don’t post it for you then the teacher is the only one who will see it. I got to crack open my movie making software and I learned tonight that my webcam sucks the big one – at least in lamp light it does. I will try again in the daylight and if it still sucks I guess I can figure out how to use my phone instead. I hesitate to buy a nice webcam for this purpose since I am only making 12 videos.

So, lesson #1 was letters and numbers. We learned how to finger-spell the alphabet and we learned numbers from 1 to 1,000,000,000. For those of you who have learned how to finger-spell ASL, see if you can pick out what I am saying here. The first one to get it right gets internet cookies from me!

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Oh man, I got lost after the first I, and I could sorta kinda finger spell back in the day.

Runs off to check out

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