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Facebook and Twitter Connect Information
Mraz and Me
Guys, this is a repost.  None of the following was written by me, but I felt the need to post it since so many of my friends were freaking out about the crossposting function on LJ:

Originally posted by dawna at Facebook and Twitter Connect Information
My dearest LiveJournal friends list, I know you guys are upset and worried right now but..


Im sorry about shouting in large font but this is really important and I need you guys to read this very carefully as a bit of a game of telephone is happening and some things need to be set straight. Not all of you misunderstand the feature but many of you do.

The new features that were relased yesterday regarding Facebook/Twitter Connect crossposting: news post // lj_releases post // FAQ 279

First and foremost. What exactly this feature does, is allows a user to easily repost entries or comments to Facebook and Twitter. The feature to post entries to Facebook is not new, it has been on the site for quite some time now and only affected public posts.

The new feature has a few parts to it.

-The first will allow a user to crosspost a link to their LiveJournal entry and the text of their entry.

What an entry crossposted from LiveJournal to Facebook looks like:

If you do not want your entries to crosspost to facebook or Twitter, do not enable the feature to do so (I will include information on where the settings for this are later in the entry). You have to specifically turn this feature on, it does not come enabled.

-The second will allow a user to crosspost a link to a comment that they have made in a journal or community and a blurb of the comment made.

What a comment crossposted from a friends locked entry in a community to Facebook looks like:

What both look like in Twitter:

This is the original Friends only community entry that the comments were taken from (linked because its huge), you will note that the last comment on the entry is the one crossposted. You'll see that in the Facebook sample above it cuts off the comment after about 240 chars (estimate). You will also not that none of the other comments are included, none of the original entry is included.. only the comment that I crossposted. The only thing that crossposts is the content of the commenter. With twitter, you will note that its much much less, as twitter allows nothing for character space.

If you do not wish to crosspost comments, as I said before, do not enable the feature. This feature does not come as an opt-out feature. You specifically have to opt-in to automatically crosspost all of your comments to either service, and you have to check the ticky box at the bottom of each comment (you can see it here, although I am sure you all have seen it by now).

This feature does not repost your content to Facebook or Twitter if your friend chooses to use it. It sends a link to the comment that your friend made in your journal or community with a blurb of that comment. Yes, your friend could quote your entry and comment to your entry or comment and crosspost through this feature to their facebook, but they would specifically have to ticky the box to do so. And that wouldn't be very nice of your friend now would it?

With regard to privacy, yes, if a friend chooses to crosspost a comment they made in your journal to their facebook, it will leave a link to your journal or community. It is being said that you can then connect a LiveJournal account of a person to their Facebook account. This is not true. When your friend crossposts their comment to your journal to their facebook, it does not Tag your Facebook name and link your journal to your facebook and destroy all your anonymity. Yes, it might point mutual Facebook friends to a journal account you dont wish others to know about, but then you need to have a talk with your friend about reposting *their* comments from your secret journal. If your friends choose not to abide by your wishes, then they really aren't that great of a friend and you should reconsider your relationship and LiveJournal/Facebook friend status.

Additionally, its always been possible for someone to grab a link to any post that you have granted them access to, screencap your entry, and repost it all over the internet, including Facebook and Twitter. The idea that this allows people to repost things that they couldnt before is not true. This is true in a community or your journal. You should always be aware that what you post on the internet is never truly private. Friends locking something does not prevent someone from reposting or blabbing your content all over the internet or world for that matter. If you do not wish something to be put out there, do not put it on the internet, period. Accidents happen, to the most reputable of companies. Data can be exposed accidentally. Nothing anywhere online is ever safe and the assumption that it is, is something that you probably should rethink.

That said, here is how you can check your settings and make sure you have not accidentally turned anything on:

You can enable or disable Facebook or Twitter cross-posting using the Facebook Connect option on the Extensions tab of the My Account Settings page.

If you choose to have the crosspost feature turned on but do not want to automatically crosspost your entries or comments, do not ticky the boxes, as shown here and they will not auto post and you will specifically have to ticky box on the Entry or Comment creation box.

You may wish to ask your friends not to crosspost their comments to your journal to their Facebook or Twitter. But be aware that in the end, they are their comments and you cant force them not to do so. As I said in an above paragraph, if they choose not to abide by your wishes, its time to rethink what they have access to.

Make them aware of the facts about this feature and not any misinformation. You can do so by pointing at the FAQ, or you can even repost this entry if you like. I will be posting it with a "Repost" button at the bottom so that you can easily do so to your own journals. Feel free to grab the images if you need to, I dont care if my name is out there and attached to my journal.

Lastly, I am not going to deny those who feel that this is a complete privacy violation their feelings. They are entitled to feel that way. And if you feel that way after having all the facts, then fine, its your prerogative.

My personal feelings on this feature? The crosspost of entries feature is fantastic as I am lazy and I like the idea of one-click ship. I only wish they would bring back the Facebook update prompt when you post it so that you could select filter level of these posts because it only respects your default security level on Facebook right now. That made me a little sad but its not a big problem as I wont be linking to friends only entries anyway.

I think the comments feature is fine for public posts because anything public is fair game. But the feature allowing comments from any other security level than public is really dumb. I dont believe its a violation or some horrible nasty evil thing, I just think its stupid to post a link to a comment on someone elses journal or community that most of the people on facebook wont be able to access.

p.s. I have reposted this entry to Facebook and Twitter :P

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I still don't get the point of being able to link to your LJ comments on FB. I just wonder what LJ hopes to gain from this.

Then again, those are 2 lives I keep separate for the most part, but I suppose not everyone feels this way.

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